How to Use a Drawing Tutorial
Using a step-by-step guide to its fullest extent

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    The trick to successfully using a How to Draw tutorial is not to follow the tutorial line-by-line, but to use it as a prompt for an image you already have in mind to draw. An example of this is provided below, with each sample step shown to the right of the appropriate instruction.

    Begin by roughly sketching your basic head and body shape.

    Then add where you want the ears, arms and legs to go.

    Add some more circles for the paws and feet.

    Now go over the outlines you want to keep.

    Erase all the extra lines so you are left with something like this.

    Draw on your Yurble's muzzle, nose and eyes.

    Fill in your Yurble's nose and add a little more detail to your Yurble's paws. Draw on your Yurble's belly.

    Add the rough outline of your Yurble's hair and mane.

    Erase all your extra lines once more, then draw on a little smile.

    Add slightly more shape to your Yurble's muzzle, paws and feet. Draw in the eyes and pupils.

    Begin adding details like toes, a smile, your Yurble's hairline and the swirly ear pattern.

    Make your Yurble hairy and add toe nails and highlights in each eye.

    Clean up your picture by erasing all your extra lines and you are left with a finished Yurble drawing.

    To make your picture seem more alive, you can always add colour and shading.

    Main tutorial and images Copyright © 2004 Neopets, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Used With Permission. Sample images by lil_jen_aside