SGP Main Office

This is the centre that serves as a hub connecting the united worlds of SGP. There are five principal areas of the SGP main office: the lobby, the dormitory, the staging area, the scripting room, and the drawing board.

The lobby is a two-room area that primarily functions as a waiting room for incoming characters and a bridge to the outside world. Any unscripted business functions are performed here, including external meetings and general paperwork.

The dormitory is an immense yet compact area containing countless rooms, wherein major characters may spend down time in their own personal living spaces. Minor [unscripted] characters do not have rooms in the dormitory.

The staging area is a vast expanse where environments are built. An active script will instantly create any scene needed.

The scripting room is a storage area where characters are filled out and worlds are brainstormed. The facilities contain final scripts and scripts-in-progress alike.

The drawing board is where rough characters are developed. Many unfortunate ones stagnate for years with no change, while others fly off the board in minutes.

The Star

This is the star that gives life and shelter to SGP's main office. The Star is cubic in nature and boasts four planets of its own, each with a mathematically precise orbit of 17 days, 34 days, 119 days, and 289 days, respectively.


This is the closest planet circling the Star, and a fireball of a dragon colony. The fire dragons that live here do little more than explore their own world without concern for life beyond their territory.


This is the second closest planet circling the Star, though not much of one. The gaseous dragons floating within its atmosphere barely realize the true extent of their world, as subtle the difference is between their planet and the emptiness of space.


This is the second farthest planet circling the Star, swirling with water dragons. These aquatic dragons would be curious about traveling to other worlds if they only were aware they existed.

Terra Firma

This is the farthest planet circling the Star, home to a wealth of cultures and creatures. The dominant life forms are mammals and reptiles, while the lesser life forms are birds, sea life [fish, crustaceans, sponges, etc.], multi-legged creatures [insects, spiders, etc.], and plants.

The main continents of Terra Firma utilize different names according to time period, as the history is inconsistent due to cultural variances and worldwide disasters. Some of the focal continents are Square One, Decsephedra, Champneige, Chaudsoleil, Marais, Ouragan, Bainbridge, Calandra, Eberhard, Faustine, Gardenia, Ira, Janthia, Zuriel, Axson [Bolling/Galt], Carow, Childress, Dandridge [Custis], Dent, Folsom, Gardiner, Geneva, Herndon, Herron, Kling, Kortright, Lane, Lavinia, Mackall, Payne [Todd], Pierce, Rodham, Saxton, Symmes, Tuthill, Wayles [Skelton], Welch, Center of Life, Sun Source, and Starset [though many are listed more than once].


This is the solitary moon of Terra Firma, home to a kingdom of metal dragons. All dragons living here are sentient, though some are happy to resign their nobility and live among lesser creatures as lessers themselves.

The Astral Plane

This is the emptiness of space, from which all fear is connected. Loneliness, a byproduct of fear, stems from here as well.

The Aero Plane

This is a vaporous extension of every world in existence, from which all things are spiritually connected. Dreams are formed here and revisited in memory as random snippets.

The Hydro Plane

This is a watery extension of every world in existence, from which all things are instinctually connected. Premonitions, intuition, and deduction stems from here.

The Promontory Plane

This is the universe as we know it.

The Phase Plane

This is the habitat of the Collective. Emotions other than fear stem from here.